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So far i've been enjoying your game. I'm only up to the second quest right now, but I've noticed a few glitches that I thought I should mention. First off there is the girl with the black and white hair, her spirit seems to distort every few seonds, I'm not sure if that was intentional on account of her possesion, but felt I should mention it in case it wasn't. I have experienced a fair number of crashes at random times but I'm not sure what the cause for that is. Twice I got some sort of error message when it occured, but didn't think to get a screen shot at those times. I try to the next time it comes up. Finially I get stuck in a loop if I talk to Kuro in the church in potter city. As soon as I try to end the conversation it starts back up again, even if I hit the cancel button only. The only way I can get out of it is to restart the game

hi there first of all love the game and great job theres this bug that when im coming back from getting the herbs for a sick woman at the start of the game that when i go into the academy it just restarts the ceremony all over again just wanted to let you peeps know

Theres a bug where after U turn in ur first quest and go to the church and talk to kuro ur stuck in an infintie loop of talking and u get trapped forever(until u leave the game)

well that's shitty, I've had this bug back before I finished the game and that was months ago. I think the creator is working on not only fixing that bug, among many others reported about 89 days ago, but also adding to the chapter for us.

bottom line, it shouldn't be an issue in the next patch :D

It keeps on crashing every 10 minutes :{ 

I found a bug. During the part of the game where you conduct an investigation and try to get alibis from the characters. There are two characters upstairs with rooms next to each other and both names I forgot.If you walk into either of their rooms and immediately walk backwards, you will be able to get out of the map.

Hey, sorry but i believe that there are a few bugs that really troubled me ; u ; During the first few days after the Academy entrance, I talked to Kuro and tried to walk away but no matter what I tried there seems to be an error the scene repeat endlessly. And during the crime scene investigation quest, I happened to find the rune and investigate the crime scene before talking to Myrana so I had to repeat the entire section again. Anyway, I had a blast playing this game, it's rare to come across an RPG game with this much dedication :D Keep working hard and good luck!

hey chief could you add the ability to use the wasd key? 

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Prince Kyrios is so fkin annoyin! If i end up having to help him oh i am SO going to find something to use against him… Both Prince Kyrios and Princess Katelyn are not fit to rule. The princess is too sweet, too trusting, and too naive. The prince is too impulsive, rebellious, and self serving.

I’m really hope to become allies with Princess Lily and then have her rise to power, Hopefully she’ll be better fit to rule, Otherwise everything is about to go to shit. 😂

I have a feeling that if you don’t kill August she’s goin to escape somehow and like we gon fight again.

Honestly, I’m just really hoping for a lot more character customization where you can choose more aspects of their looks and personality and whatever. I’m kinda hopin for some polyamorous romances too.

I need to stop typing this is too much- 😂

I’m way too excited about this- I’m ranting- I’ll just go now 😅😊

Deleted 158 days ago

You can complete side quests for perk books! also you will get some via the Main Story. However there's only 3 other perk books in the demo atm D:

i have a problem 

hey there! the demo is currently in pre-alpha so bugs are everywhere like flies in a horse stable T_T restarting should fix most of these including crashes. the game autosaves a lot so it should keep ur progress :)

Well, I'm sorry for answering late and the bug started as soon as I started playing it, just press start and the bug came out. I haven't done any process, thanks for reply

I LOVE THIS GAME! Its a piece of artf...

So are you going to make the sister romance able ?

Your game sounded too exciting to pass up (being an avid fan of all the games mentioned above). I thought, "Hey, I'm just gonna check this out real quick," and then ended up not being able to quit, even after some of the crashing issues. Both story, special effects, and graphics were interesting, but what caught my attention the most was the well-drawn out, extremely likable characters that make up this game. Everyone was so strikingly different from each other and I do declare I have my eyes on a certain flirty elf <3 Can't wait for the final product to commence!

Big stuff coming up soon! 🥰


I came across this from a recommended list from another game. Kinda glad it popped up because it is fun.


The game goes funky for me after lily shows up the game flickers randomly at times. Then just closes about every 3 minutes or so.

I think the demo is about an hour and a half long I got to the part with Tyran and couldnt find where to turn the quest in. But its a good demo cant wait for the full version.

Though it needs a bit of tweaking because it kept claiming I had frugal when I didnt. I think in the stats page it should list your combat and non combat perks. Which would help if you played more than one game at a time so you could remember better or at least make it so you cant buy the same perk twice.

The game doesnt tell you which you bought. I tested it to see if you could buy the same perk twice and it does. Without letting you know owned or bought at the side.

Hope to see the full game in the near future.


So randomly discovered this game on itch just a few days ago and having just finished the demo, gotta say I am a fan. I don't play a extreme amount of RPG maker games but I have played a few and most of them are not this good for a number of reasons, not as good isn't right, more like, don't have the potential this one has. This has amazing potential, it has an interesting plot with nonsensical politics and unique characters, the romance system while simple is fun and the variety of choices due to the perk system makes the game very interesting. 

-I did run into a stump when I took the health regaining perk a second time (can't remember its proper name) and I still regained health as if I only had taken the perk once so I essentially wasted that perk, the game mentions non-combat perks can be wasted if taken twice but that doesn't mention combat perks. I would prefer if the game simply blocked off taking perks that would be useless or redundant as it already dose this with class exclusive abilities so I it would be nice if that extended to stopping redundant perk choices given how important and rare the perk books are.

-The only other real problem I ran into with my run was crashes, I probably crashed 5-7 and was slightly tempted to give up, though luckily the autosaves were pretty on point and even when you walked into a shop and the game crashed on the loading screen, you would reload standing in the shop, so good job there.

-The art is decent to great quality at times and while I am no professional critic, I really enjoy the frequency of the art in this game, most rpg maker games with full art like this include it very sparingly where this game has it all over the place and that is a breath of fresh air so even if it isn't top tier it really is far better to have 10 nice pieces of art in a game compared to having 3 fantastic pieces of art in a game.

-Overall I really liked this, it has really fun characters and dialogue and the option paths really make me want to go and replay it just to see the different options, some choices I have seen particularly the medicine quest for Icarus's friend early on can give good karma but yield to a tragic result and I really hope that the trade the player can make there comes back to them either in a positive or negative way.

9/10 (lets be real, nothings perfect and she is a demo for a reason but she is a fine demo at that, so no 10/10 just yet.) Would play again and am super excited to see this game progress in whatever way the creator takes it.

Thank you so much! I’m rebuilding the game from scratch so the perk system will definitely be updated properly this time around! No more wasted perk options 😎 the crashes are also gonna hopefully be taken care of as well! I really apologize for that 😭😭 I’m so happy you had a wonderful time playing the demo! Stay tuned for the rest! It’s gonna be a helluva ride!!

The story of this game is very good!!!
how can I talk to the developer? I have some considerations to do :D

Hello! Feel free to just comment your thoughts or join our official discord!

I gotta say. This game feels really solid. It has a interesting storyline and I haven't played anything like it in a while. I look forward to seeing the progess on this. Definitely something to keep an eye on

Thank you so much! There’s a lot more crazy stuff coming soon 😉

Just joined your Patreon! Hoping to see more soon! :)

Thank you so much!!! I’m glad you enjoyed the demo!

Is there somewhere a part two? It is very good and i want more. :)

Coming soon!! 😉😉

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Im sad to say there was a bug that I came across when I tried to go into the girls dorm for the first time...and I'm not able to take screenshots to show and I didn't think to grab my phone. I do remember though one of the things I read was a YEP file... probably not going to help much but it's better than nothing? 

Anyways, the other thing I found was if you find Kuro (I think that's "gloomy"'s name) for the second time, you know in the church in the town with the academy you go to in act 2, and you go to talk to him, it creates an endless loop that you can't get out of where you talk to him and go to end the conversation, the dialog happens but it pulls you right back into talking to him. 

My final thing to say is, incredible game, I love it so much, I dunno if your doing this or not but there should be the ability to romance more than one person, and depending on how far along the relationship you get with them you can get buffs, either from trinkets or stat boosts if your in a battle with them in your party. But yeah, final suggestion which I think you mentioned that your working on is adding settings to lower the visual quality so that weaker computers like mine can play smoothly and not have a battle of over stepping. Anyways, rock on, epic game, exactly what I was looking for and expect cash from me in the future =^w^=

Thank you so much! I’m  working tirelessly on getting the bugs fixed 😅 there’s still ways to go but I did handle the endless loop so thank you for the feedback! I’m happy you enjoyed the demo! There’s sort of the ability to romance multiple people depending on who they are, some might be more open to the idea while some might want you solely for themselves! 

That's so cool! I found a bug and I took a pic this time! Do you have an email I can send it to, the file is to large to send here😭 and thank you so much!

Now you're just spoiling us with so many choices!!! >w<

Even nabbing extra sweets from the cookie jar!!! Not just one cute cookie but an extra one too!!! have...a sugar overload!!! Whooo hoooo~!!

Hehehehe the reactions of the pairings is making it all the more intriguing. Such drama such romance such mystery wooo!!! >///<

How is this not made into a show!?! The really feels like this could come off as something I'd watch on tv!!!

Aww thank you! I really hope it will be made into a show one of these days!

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It's a good really caught my attention in the first few minutes of playing unfortunately it does seem to crash often other then that a good game.

Thank you for playing! Unfortunately still working on the kinks of the crash but I have determined it only crashes at one point and once u power thru that area it’s gonna be fine. I’m sorry for the inconvenience!

Hello, just a quick question, is there a way to play in something other than fullscreen mode? I want to record but I can't see OBS lol

Yes! If you press F4 after launch it will make the game go on windowed mode :)

Feel free to link me to the gameplay video!

I encountered a bug and it asked me to report it, here it is:

Uh oh. I’ll get right on it! Thank you for bringing it to my attention!

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Yeah, no problem

Found the same bug, right after the second "Lily Interlude". I think it is also the same problem that caused my copy of the game three crashes before I was able to get to the end of said interlude...

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Dig the game! But I have some issues with crashes. It just outright closes the game. I guess it's a memory leak of some kind, it can be caused by un-updated/old plugins.

I kept monitoring my RAM, one time it crashed at 5 gig of usage, and another time at 3 gigs. Not sure whats going on, it usually crashes after 10 to 20 minutes.

^The crashes was something on my part which I managed to fix lmao.

There was a typo in the prologue, but can't remember where, I mean it said "And so And so" in the second section of the prologue. At the area where there's lots of graves before the academy, at the end of this map two or three tiles down from the exit is a passable hedgetile but none of the other ones was, so I can step into the grave section of that map.

Thanks for letting me know! I’ll get right on it!

why is the game so huge for so short of content? is the rest of the content so far locked off until more roles out?. i just played for 1 and 30 minutes doing everything there is to do. so not sure if this warrants a 1 gb game. but other then that story was engaging and hoping you get to bang the princess with the other half of demon.

There’s a huge chunk of the game locked cause it’s unfinished and still missing some art. :) thanks for playing I’m glad you enjoyed it!

I really enjoy this game so much!!!!! I basically stalk it and recently created an account to say how this gem is a perfect find that peaked my interest! Can't waiting to know the truth behind this interesting truth behind the characters.Especially when it comes to the protagonist and the dual haired princess but even more so Icarus seems kinda interesting especially at the note that he is the only one that can't be romanced with when it is a male or non binary. So many things hidden within this game makes more questions and makes me play it over and over in different perspectives(might learn something different from different views). I did find an error in pictures with the non binary view in the bathhouse if you go to the male side the picture changes from the non binary one to the male one. Thanks so much for your hard work in creating something soooo FUN!!!! / (⁎˃ᆺ˂)\

Thanks for bringing that to my attention so I can fix it! It’s fixed and good to go for the next update! :D much appreciated! And thank you for the kind words!

I'm stuck under the church in the beginning with Kuro cuz he won't move and I can't ascent the left stairwell can only descend had to start over any tips?

Yep! This was just recently brought to my attention as well! Working on a fix ASAP!

I'm still womdering what the relationship between the protagonist and the so called "princess" is. I mean I originally theorized the protagonist is the king's daughter raised as a commoner as the prophecy dictated. I mean the girl with half white half black hair looks nothing like either parent. And if she is indeed the TRUE vessel for the demon like the prophecy spoke of, why did the king completely disregard the oracle's words? And where is the knight/old friend of the king that was supposed to be raising the king's child in secret? I really hope Acts 3 and 4 explain this becuz I currently can't make sense of it. Not to mention this game stands to be awfully short if the first two Acts were any indication. I have high hopes indeed for this game, but I just can't decipher the storyline with the limited info I have on hand. And I'm normally really good at that.

Man you're actually coming in suuuuuper close with your analysis o.o
The game will have a total of 5 acts with act 3 being about the same length as both Act 1 & 2. Everything will be explained in time! ^_^ but yes, there will be more princess scenes moving forward as well as a clear cut explanation of what her connection with the protag is.

as far as the knight and the demon stuff, it will be explained further in act 3 :D

Well I actually noticed just recently that the king has blue eyes. But shit Serrani mentions a father and I'm getting the suspicion that the protagonist might be a bastard. Sir Garth had blonde hair and green eyes. And seemed to have ahem... *feelings* for the Queen in the prologue. It would definitely explain why the king might send assassins after the protags family. When Serrani kills the king she says something about him ruining her family.

(; all I’m saying is stay tuned!!!!!

The update is finally here boys and girls. *le open pepsi* Cheers!

*sip, sip*

Hah, now let's check it!

Not a lot added yet unfortunately! But the story’s done being written now :D

Can you romance your sister? Does she die in the game? 

if more people demand it, I’ll see about a Serrani romance arc :P

Actually I’ll see what I can do!

My dreams are coming true.

I'm having an issue where the bottom and right sides of the screen get cut off and are not visible. It looks like they're cut off by the window size. The UI still fits the screen but the background is what's cut off. Is it an aspect ratio issue? The game is still playable but its such a beautiful game that it's a shame to not be able to fully enjoy the visuals.

Uh oh. The game runs at 1920x1080 but it’s adjustable if you press F4 to go on windowed mode. Hopefully that helps! Thanks for bringing it to my attention!

I am have the same issue. F4 does not fix it. I am on Windows 7.

Just made a series on the game if you want to check it out. I love the game so much.

I’ve been keeping up actually :D very well done! I really appreciate the support and the kind words!

When you’re in between quests in act 2, you can find the other characters and interact with them like Killian and Kuro to get to know them better :3 

Next update’s gonna have toooons of new stuff!

Im so excited for the next big update can't wait to play more. the soundtrack is amazing btw

Thank you!!! <3 I’m adding something special just for you on the next update

OMG really.

Yep! Just put in Winter again as your name when you get any version moving forward so you can get some special stuff!

This is an amazing game so far and I am excited for it to fully be realesed. The story so far just grabs your attention and the music and the art is beautiful. I hope the full realese comes soon.

hey! I was having errors but I think it’s my computer i am so so so sorry!! I am trying to do a factory reset! Hope i can play your game soon

It's me it was my computer! Tales of series, persona series, dragon age series, tbh, i don't really play rm games, but I thought this was incredible! I am having so much fun and I love the characters and I seriously can't wait to see more. Already a big fan >w>~

Hey! Glad it finally worked! I’m hoping you’ll love the final version! <3

Deleted 1 year ago

Hey there! I hate this so much cause it’s the only time I’ve seen this error and I have no clue how to help but I really want you to be able to play the game >:(

I shall see what I can do but for the mean time, errors like this come out because some necessary files don’t get extracted. My guess is your antivirus probably deletes them as soon as they come out? It happened to a friend of mine as well so they turned off the anti virus and the game worked. 

I’ll be working on finding a fix for it on discord ^_^ and yes the game shall find its way on steam soon! It’s already there I just need to finish the actual story first lol

This is by far my favorite game as of right now. If it was an option, I would pay 10$ just to play the full game. I loved almost all of the characters, and there was so much backstory that can be used in future Acts. From the protagonist being part demon and having the demon girl pursuing you, to the protagonist's dream of being a great Adventurer, it's extremely fun, moreso than most of the games I've played that costed money. The combat system was the only thing that confused me, as I couldn't see the opponent's health bar and didn't know what enemy had what moves, etc. The perks were also a great addition, it made it feel like I had so much choices in how I wanted to play, and the hero wasn't just put into a static 'choose a class' situation, as it also affected dialogue. I'm a very picky person when it comes to spending time on something, but this game is something I would play for hours.

The only question about the game I have is; Is Tyran a dude or not? I knew the character was one of those anime traps from the moment I saw it, but I'm actually curious now.

I know there’s some crash issues here and there but Tyran’s backstory should be somewhat explored in Act 2 ^_^ Act 3 is has them be majorly involved in the main plot ^_^  thank you sooo much for the wonderful comments!

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Aw shoot. When I reached Act 2 my game chases every 1 minute during first cutscenes and I have to start from the last save with Lily!(I'm sad...)

So far I finished Prologue and Act 1 so I'm going to speak from my feeling towards them.(Even though I didn't finished the Demo) I like everything so far the art is good, the story is decent and easy to understand, and the world is not too small and not too big which is good by my book.  The characters are diverse yet simple but not blank(Which is again, just as I like).

Personally I like Sam(Male Protagonist) and Princess Lily(Poor girl), if there is going to be a option I would like Sam and Lily to be official couple (I was choosing the "nice" dialogue options, because they are good kids and the plot looks like will have them both as Main Hero and Main Heroine role)! Unfortunately they didn't even meet each other but I hope Sam can help her!

The only problem I have is a act 2 beginning cutscenes and lagging in some parts of the game. But that's probably my old computer's problem.

Overall good work JaBud Games! I hope I will be able to play the full version of our game one day! Good luck! 


Thank you! We’re working tirelessly to get rid of the lag and the evil crash bug :( 

If u can push through the cutscene, the game will stop crashing as often, plus the auto save will also salvage things for you ^_^

Stay tune! The next update will have tons and tons of new stuff after we fix the bugs and make the dialogue choices even better ^_^

Thanks for playing!

(5 edits)

Nothing about Lily x Sam? *Sad* ;( 

(I didn't realize that you guys used default name "Sam" for both genders! Sorry! I was talking about "Male Sam x Lily" this whole time!)

Although, judging by the comment above me about Tyran. Maybe I should hold my horses and rethink about "main couple" thing.

*Khm* *Khm*!

Anyway, I finally finished playing finished version 0.9.1 and this time everything was working smoothly, thanks a bundtch(Well except the "meeting" with King William was lagging and game crashed again. Also there was a error when after joining Academy I go to tavern.)!

There is a lot of stuff to talk about! But I don't want to ruin everuone's fun with this comment(And my memmory is pretty bad anyway), but that clifenger at the end of the demo made me angry! But that's a good thing I guess, that mean I enjoyed the game.

I thinking about becoming a Patron member to sopport this game, because I see a lot passion putted in it. But it's my first time becoming a Patron member and I'm a little nervous and unsure if I can keep up with monthly charges. You see, I'm not from USA and my currency is asking a little bit more for say 1$ (^_^; ) Yeah, maybe I should start with 1$.... I'm sorry.

Anyway, hope you have a good day JaBub Games. Keep us informed about your god's work and good luck!

P.S- I forgot to write about something. I guess the one thing that cut me off guard was time. It flew out fast! It's not a bad thing though! I just need to get used to fast storytelling, hehehe... And I guess dialogue choices are a little bit confusing. I get used the fact that the "best"/"good" dialogue choices are always at the top. And while their ARE at the top, I need to watch cautiously to not accidentally accept the deal with bandits! Hehehe...

P.S.S- Also what are Male/Female Sam default classes? Judging by the main artwork I can say that Female Sam is Rogue, and Male Sam  is.... Mage I assume? (Even though I was choosing him as Warrior this whole time! Hehehe.)

(1 edit)

Hey! There are a *ton* of interactions with Sam and Lily later on ^_^ it’s just too much spoiler to let you know and act 3 and four are coming out soon ^_^

And yes the dialogue choices are sometimes scattered just to keep the player on their toes haha. Though most sarcastic options are found at the bottom ^_^

For default classes, the female is a rogue and the male is a warrior ^_^ 

Thanks so much for playing! we’d love the support on patreon but don’t feel obligated to do so. We will be releasing Rising Saga the full game free for everyone ^_^

Artstyle very nice.  The game is overall very pretty, and I appreciate the effort put into atmospheric effects like the  sun-beams, weather, and lighting.

Storyline is nice so far, albeit nothing *too* original. But, originality shouldn't be placed over execution, and it's executed just fine.

Most of my complaints are really just nitpicks:

A surprisingly large number of events do not have "Direction Fix" enabled, so you can click on an object and depending on your direction it'll change to look like something different. Also, certain characters who only make sense to be looking in one direction still turn to face you, even though their dialogue doesn't acknowledge your presence, so I'm pretty sure they also should have "Direction Fix" enabled.

A few tiles on various maps are able to be walked on, allowing minor bugs like being able to walk on tables, or get a tile or two out-of-bounds. Nothing game-breaking, however. 

Audio Volume Normalization is a slight issue; Certain sound effects are very distinctly louder than others for no apparent reason. (e.g. a character will have a voice snippet, and then the very next voice snippet of theirs will be considerably quieter.)

The first appearance of Fox did feel rather... obvious, to the point where I was like "Why are they saying that name and giving that information in front of a witness? Is it just so the reader knows for sure who they are?" however as that name becomes relevant later in the story I do understand why, but it still feels contrived and stupid of Fox, and when I first read it it felt very hand-holding to the reader. The twist isn't that hard to deduce, after all.
Idk, just a small thing that temporarily broke my immersion. Probably just me though.

I'd complain about the encounter rate on most maps feeling a bit too small, however the ability to escape from any battle makes the frequent random encounters more of a minor gripe than an actual major irritation.

Overall, quality demo. It's clear a lot of love went into this.

This game is freaking beautiful! I cannot wait for Act 3 and beyond!! :D Keep up the amazing work!

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