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Rising Saga: Origins is a FREE  anime style Visual Novel and JRPG hybrid with grand adventure elements reminiscent of games such as Dragon Age: Origins, Baldur's Gate, Star Wars: Knights of The Old Republic and Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines.  

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The Story: 

The Kingdom of Midgard is recovering from a long and bloody war with the neighboring Kingdom of Antilla. A fragile peace has been achieved but tensions have risen once more. 

You are one of the first Vanguard-Class Adventures, elite operatives trained under the tutelage of the greatest Adventurers in Aenar. Your actions and choices will shape the world of Aenar for the better...or for the worse.

Featuring the amazing music of Souichi Sakagami (AKA Trial & Error) to emphasize the anime style of the game! Be your own anime hero/heroine!

The Main Cast:

StatusIn development
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(65 total ratings)
AuthorJaBub Games
GenreVisual Novel, Role Playing
Made withRPG Maker
TagsAnime, Dating Sim, Fantasy, igmc, JRPG, Meaningful Choices, Romance, RPG Maker
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


Rising Saga Origins Demo 959 MB
Rising Saga Origins Old Version 929 MB

Install instructions

Extract and run Game.exe file.

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xX_kiddbandit_Xx on X: "hello! apart from being kidd bandit - pro wrestler and anime protagonist - i’m also the developer of rising saga origins. i believe it’s now time for me to get back to it. welcome to kidd bandit - season 3 - the brigand game studios arc!" / Twitter



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dev is going back under a new avatar the dude above gave us his message saying it(hope its true...)edit: maybe not... its been over two years now and he isnt back but i wont give up hope...


i kind of wish the person responded to us sometimes to know where there at least


Their twitter disapeared, it's not happening friend. 


I've played this game and this game is very good even though it's still in demo phase. I hope this game is still being developed and provides many updates.


So when the new update comes?


This game is Absolutely awesome yet its only on demo i almost started crying right now because it ended!!! I want to play the complete game but for now the Demos will need to do and im putting this one on a collection and follow you for new updates thanks for the Absolutely awesome game,JaB -Abyssal28


when will the final released be released cause everyone wants to play this masterpiece


I've been following this game since early '20. I know you some of the reasons why development hasn't been very fast so I don't mean for this to sound negative, I hope you pick this up again and finish this game. I really loved what I've played of it and it would really suck for it to lay forgotten on the wayside.


game stops constantly


In the bathhouse scene all I could think was "That damn light getting in the damn way." Outside of that this game is downright inspired and I was almost immediately hooked with it's strong character customization starting point. I really hope to see more somewhere in the future, also Myrana is best girl and no one can convince me otherwise.

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game is not properly coded shutsdown every time you take a certain dialogue, sometimes you can get past sometimes you don't  1 star rating for this game.

It's  not coded it was made with rpg maker, just report the bug to the dev so they can fixed it. Game might not even get completed, it's been silent for years

Hey there, I was wondering where the other syndicate contacts are for the Halcifer Quest. I looked around Kobe and Pottercity, but couldn't find them anywhere.


This is too good! It's impossible to wait for more!


Developer are you here?


it's entirely possible and required :(


I know

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Is the default name adventurer? Because I can't seem to change it.

Solved, apparently its not backspace its right click to delete characters. That is supremely bizarre.

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I at least think there should be at least 1 more romance options so then there is 5 guys 5 girls and after mastering a skill from a weapon you should keep it


Since romance looks as if it'll be an option down the road, I want to know;

Would I be able to romance Serrani? Or pair the MC with the princess?

I get the feeling this won't be an option, but the idea of romancing the demon inside of the princess sounded funny in my head.


umm... when you try sneak into the girl's bathroom as a guy the game takes you to a black screen and doesn't seem to go off it. This is in the part you labelled buggy so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

still, it's a great game can't wait for it to be finished. 

I look forward to the continuation of this. I just finished the demo last night.

When will this be released in a full version and I think having another girl that is romanceable

hey, I remember you mentioning that you suffer from memory loss. has it gotten better? if not my sympathies. 

I hope this is still getting worked on because i've got a bug to report. When you talk to Stella once you have enough friend points to get a quest, it locks the screen on just the protag and Stella. At first I thought I was stuck there so I stopped playing for about a month but I loaded it up today and found out I could still move for some reason. TLDR, Stella is bugged and Killian is the goat for rescuing me from my eternal hell


Is this still getting worked on or is it just dead?


it’s getting worked on! Very slowly but real life is unfortunately getting in the way! 😭

It's okay hang in there!

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There is a glitch with Darek. when you talk with him before the Bathhouse scene, He has the picture of Alicia for his body avatar.

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I can not play the demo. Every time i download it i can`t extract it, because it show me not file. Does anyone have a idea?

Hey I really like the game.Is the demo really ends at the Bathhouse cause the game said game over


I haven't finish the demo, yet. However, the art is really great that I really like to support the dev. Unfortunately, your patreon only have $10 option with 3 patreons. I believed if you create more tiers with lowest being $2 or $5 there will be more supporters and I gladly be one of them but I, unfortunately, can't guarantee to be able to support $10 every month but I can manage with $5 or $2. I'm sure many would feel the same and support you more. 

i can't play this game because it zoom in to a point that i can't play 

I really like this game a lot! One thing is that I wish there was a quest log to keep track of what you need to do next.

Will the sister and princess be romance able? 


It has been a while but I am glad this game is still receiving updates even if the story hasn't progressed as long as the game evolves I am all for it!

This is my report on any bugs I found through my replay of the game as well as issues I found during the game and then finally my review on the game as well as the several things I liked about it. I will not be comparing the old and new versions as much as simply addressing the new version since I have not played the old version in nearly a year and don't want to present outdated information.

Bugs: Act 1

-Upon finishing the prologue the male protagonist's sprite briefly flashed onto the loading screen near the bottom right corner of the screen.

-A repeating issue is that characters sprites in the chat box will pac man through the sides of the box and appear on the other at times, for example the bottom of Stella's sprite can partially be seen at the top of her chat box above her head while in the beginning.

-The character portrait in the menu for the male warrior duelist protagonist has a pink box around his outstretched hand obscuring the circle moon like shape behind him and extending up to his ears and about half way down his chest.

Bugs: Act 2

-Flirting with Killian equals infinite affection. If you flirt with Killian in the vanguard lounge and pick one of the three flirt options, then reselect that option over and over, you will gain affection each time allowing you to max out his approval to 10 by simply clicking the same options over and over.

-Flirting with Alice has a similar issue, if you ask her what her plans are after graduating then choose to flirt with her it will gain approval, you can then leave and immediately talk to her again, do the same thing and get more and if it stops working, leaving, opening the menu and then talking to her fixes it so you can continue to refresh and farm for approval. A better farming method can also be done simply by flirting, being sent back to the main dialogue section, opening your menu which will refresh the flirt so you can ask about her plans and then flirt with her again which will gain approval negating the need to leave and talk to her again. Sidenote- Myrana can be farmed in a similar fashion. Also other characters whose flirt options lead to saying "they will remember that" do not have this issue as they have no options that can repeatedly be farmed for approval like Tryian and Stella.

-Bathhouse Irresistible xp farm. By going to the bathhouse and using Irresistible option to not pay anything you gain 300 xp, talking to the guy again and opening up your menu before picking the Irresistible option refreshes the xp gain allowing your to gain infinite xp. Like the approval farming I think this method would work with any single choice that can be accessed more than once and gives xp upon choosing this.

-If you talk to Stella and immediately click the first option you can get stuck in the following option list and each time you try and leave the game will bring you back to it.

-Using Sneaky to get into the women's bathhouse causes the game to go to an infinite grey transition screen after the women's scream.

-During the orc fight where the protagonist is possessed briefly by the dark power the spiritualist option is unlocked without ever picking said talent.

-After the quest with Tryian before the bathhouse event if you talk to Darek, above the text Alice's image will appear instead of Dareks.


-The class selection images extend from Stella's arm leftward but do not cover the entirety of the left side instead leaving a little space where the background peeks through which seems weird and makes it look a bit awkward.

-Serrani's  Sword and Serrani's blade, why are they called different things, the flavor text is nearly the same and the stats are the same so why are they given two different names, is one a shortsword and one a standard sized sword or longsword, why is it not just two Serrani's sword or two Seranni's blade.

-Icarus's non-chatbox on screen image. The pinkish red part of his eyes not only is inconsistent with his shrunk down sprites but also makes the knight in shining armor look a bit more feminine which is not a bad thing if that is what your going for but the way in which he is drawn in that image and his eyes are more girlish then the brave knight persona I think should give off. 

-Kuro's gun, thematicism vs mechanics. From a thematic standpoint it makes no sense that Kuro walks around with his gun empty only to get into a fight then go, "guys while you fight I will load my gun, then I will help". Thematically Kuro should have his gun loaded before getting ambushed by monsters either when he rests at a campfire or when he is  walking around. I understand the obvious mechanical reason for having him reload only in combat as to balance the insanity that is guns in this setting, it is just such an obvious act of balance that puts no effort into trying to weave the mechanics into the narrative. I am not saying thematics trump mechanics and you should always consider one over the other. This case is simply a very obvious ignorance of thematics for mechanics. I would honestly rather the guns be nerfed and have Kuro able to reload his weapon at campfires or any way outside of combat instead of only being able to do so in combat. 

-Alice's quest, I like everything about her quest except that the really good art of protagonist laying on the lap of Alice as they gaze at the stars is used very quickly and is not given the dialogue and time that I feel the great art deserves.

-Biggest issue of all time, princess protag cannot date Croft yet! Croft should be a dateable character, Croft best girl 10/10. Seriously would like to see her as an option.

-The art issue I mentioned but want to talk about in more detail. In general I really like most of the art in the game the issue is that as you add more art the style is becoming more varied and the characters in the new art don't line up entirely or in some cases look very different from their in window characters. The art is great but it is becoming inconsistent which seems unprofessional where in one depictation a character looks like x and in the same screen just smaller or in a cutscene they look like y.

Review: So overall I really like this game, there are several glitches and issues that can be worked through but I am excited to see where the game grows. I like the concept of the approval system, it is easily exploitable as is, but it could be really great and I am excited to see where it leads. I also like the concept of making the princess a main character instead of an antagonist or whatever she was going to be, the additional scenes in the beginning helped to clarify the situation on the political side and I am excited to see where her plot line leads and how the story wraps into the things talked about in the beginning. I am excited to see this game get more updates and grow in story and content, please keep up the great work!

why does the romance progress so rapidly ? shouldn't there be more substance at the academy to validate the confession scenes and such ? 

did you play the old demo version or the new version? this was something i wanted to expand on originally so i took out romance scenes for now to build relationships and approval first and converted some of the original romance scenes into brand new companion stuff which is separate from the romance stuff

I'm not sure but I am glad that this is something you have already realised and I apologise if I was offensive at all , I like the game so far and I am excited to see how things turn out . Good luck ! ^^

of course! I regret not being able to expand the romance narratives so I did that more. Each romance arc will have  a ton of depth and will have significant impact in the main narrative as well. My biggest concern at the time was having the main plot advance but now I’m expanding each relationship as well as adding opportunities to get close To people without Being forced to romancing Them.

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it should download as a rar file and you will need either winrar or 7zip to extract first. i do this to consolidate the files and make it smaller. which file were you trying to download?

oh nice! Loved to see the updates! Btw, before the bath house scene idk if anyone mentioned yet, but darek actually has Erika's character bust. xD

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Edit: redid my comment.


First off, I can tell you put A LOT of effort into remaking this game. And it pays off! I love the new areas (like the guild! It feels like an actual school now!) and how you reworked some of the story elements.

I also really like how perks are only RP/social now so I don't have to decide between good story and good combat. I get to be the hero I want to be and not the hero I need to be!

My requests:

When choosing a class/specialization, could you give us more info on what each option is like? Are all they all the same, but just "flavored" differently?

Also, can you make everything more accurate? A common problem for RPG maker games is that it feels like I miss a lot for no reason. Unless you want accuracy to be an actual game mechanic for players to think about, I'd rather everything be more accurate, but do less damage or something. Note that I'm not talking about boss mechanics or status ailments or anything like that, it's just annoying to use an attack on 5 enemies, but it only hits 3 of them. Especially since I'm likely to be hit 5 times on their turn.

Finally, list of bugs I found:

  • If you do Killian's quest (Where you find the missing girls) before you get the quest to do companion quests, you basically get stuck with an uncompletable entry in the quest list.
  • In Hilda's tavern, I managed to get stuck on the left side of the room; I wasn't able to go back to the entrance and had to reload the auto save (thank you for that!).
  • You can give Derek his gift multiple times at the tavern before you actually get his gift.
  • On a similar note, you can sometimes farm approval by picking the same dialogue option multiple times without exiting a conversation.
  • I can't give Tyran his gift (though I so far have 0 approval with him).
  • When talking to Derek after doing the quest to kill goblins with Tyran, Alice's portrait is used.

when i went into the female bath (as a male, i swear it was for XP) using sneak it put me in a loading screen, no end in sight yet, i tried to use the atuo save but it seemed to have saved right as the load screen happend, i should also note that i can open then menu when this happend, so it might not be a loading screen.

thank you! just minor transfer issue. i fixed and will be uploading fixed build soon!

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Ohh, we are no longer "Sam"? Aww,I liked when we had a canon name.

Oh, Lily too?


oh ok! I’ll bring that back ^_^

Oh, but I don't force you to return them or anything!


feedback is very important to me! I love to give people what they want 🤙  especially the ones who have been there for the game for a while!

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Ohh, thank you!  Still though, there is already an NPC called Sam with his brother Dean, I'm not sure how I feel about having two characters with the same name if we go with Sam as our canon name, maybe I need to get used to it. >_<

While I didn't encounter any NPC named Lily yet. ;) What different names can we use for "Adventurer" and "Princess"? Ummm, I'm bad at naming I need time to think about it...!

*Warches the trailer for the first time*

Oh, wait "Ray"? Hhmmm, maybe this one? It does not sound too foreign for Midgardia's native name, right? Although,  "Ray Ravenfrost" sounds a bit too similar right? With First and Last name having two "R".

HHhmm, so what should it be instead? Max? Kai? Maybe it would be way easier if we change NPC Sam name to something like Max? Sam is more or less name fitted for all genders while Max sounds more masculine for me. What do you think? Do I think too hard and pay too much attention to it? Sorry, it just bothers me that much,and I can't come up with a name for our MC...

So, I am in the middle of the herbs quest, and I've just talked to the woman in Kobe. Leaving her house I was holding the left arrow button and found myself in the Castle courtyard, and I have the dialogue options as if I were the princess right now. Just below Vincent at the doors to enter the castle.


I decided to see what might happen if I followed through with the scene. Entering the castle restarts the council meeting dialogue, but the king is dead with the elder princess and the prince standing below him and the Fox 2 spaces below the prince. That's as far as it goes though. 


Got it! Thanks so much! I'm so grateful for all these catches you're finding!

Honestly, I don't know if holding the left button had anything to do with it. Maybe it had to do with holding the button to skip the conversation and leave the house as fast as I did.

Oh My God! You were alive!!!

Yes! :D

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