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 What is RS:O?

This is an anime style, choice based JRPG  game influenced by story-rich games like Dragon Age, Baldur's Gate and Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic. Enjoy a world filled with romance, action and (soon to be incorporated) visual novel elements. 

The Backdrop:

Step into the world of Aenar as a member of the Vanguard, an elite sect of mercenaries trained by legendary heroes of the Black War. Follow your character  as they make their mark in the world while you develop friendships, rivals,  relationships, and deal with situations your way.  

Determine how the world is shaped as you choose sides, handle quests and even control certain characters and make their decisions yourself.

The way you talk, act and deal with things will affect  Aenar later on as you  reshape the world based on your choices.

Undertake your journey alongside a colorful cast of companions (each enhanced with light voice work), as they fight alongside you with distinct fighting styles. 

Featuring the amazing music of Souichi Sakagami (AKA Trial & Error) to emphasize the anime style of the game! Be your own anime hero/heroine!

What to expect with the full release:

UPDATE: While the version I entered sadly didn't have any of the VN elements, I've been constantly working on it and now I'm planning to release the game with a VN-centric story coupled with adventurous (get it?) themes from classic jRPGs. Here's a little snippet of the updated game complete with custom arts. 

NOTE THAT THIS IS NOT INCLUDED IN MY IGMC SUBMISSION BECAUSE I RAN OUT OF TIME *SADFACE* this is only a preview on what I'm planning to do with the game moving forward.

UPDATE: I'm taking a page out of the recently closed Telltale games (press F to pay respects) and moving forward, I'm gonna make the interactions with the characters meaningful. Here's a little sneak peek.


As the game has only been under development for about 2-2 1/2 weeks, I was unable to commission some custom art aside from the title screen. The game is supposed to have a strong VN side for it but we were not able to get the custom art in time for the IGMC. The goal is to enhance scenes and character interaction with some beautifully rendered anime/manga style portraits.

I am also working on adding more romance options, special art for romance scenes, MORE CHOICES THAT MATTER, commissioning some anime style animations and fully voiced dialogue for named characters. 

I have plans to replace the RTP-chibi style with fully detailed custom work.

As often asked, yes, I am totally serious about  Dog Mode. It  will be a legitimate alternate experience from the main game complete with it's own unique cutscenes and special dialogue.  As it stands, it is currently not the priority right now but rest assured it will come.


Rising Saga: Origins is my first ever RPGMaker project and I was lucky enough to get into RPGMaker right around the time the IGMC rolled along. I just got into RMMV this October and the community has been so sweet and helpful. Shout out to Heartless Angel, Tea, HawkZombie, Roodwork Studios (Chibae), SRD, Echo607, Studio Blue and Driftwood Gaming for all the help in discord. And to Morganne for being awesome.


UPDATE 5: ACT 2 Is almost complete. I updated the windowskin as well as fixed a lot of the dialogue. Next update should have the game be done 50%.

UPDATE 4: Polished Version. Added stuff for Dog mode. Still very WIP. Yes, dog mode will be a unique gameplay experience running parallel with the main game with it's own special quirks. Per last update, the crash bug is now taken care of.

UPDATE 3: Heartless Crash fix. Thanks to Heartless Angel. NO MORE CRASH BUGS!

UPDATE 2: v1.1 fixes some clipping issues and prevents some crashes from happening. Still pretty inconsistent when it crashes but it only should crash once before functioning properly. For full optimum performance, play the game for 8-10 minutes, save and exit the game. Reload the game and the game won't crash on you.

UPDATE 1: For those experiencing crash issues midway through ACT I, the game shouldn't crash once again so reopening the game should fix the issues. I am currently working on a stable fix.

Install instructions

Extract and run Game.exe file.


Rising Saga Demo 685 MB

Development log


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I will look for the next update :)

And for the Karma how we can see it?

Hey! Very good suggestions :) currently all I have for Karma is displayed on the status screen. I’m working on an item that essentially functions like a moral compass as well as a perk description as well :) 

Cool, It is my pleasure to help, I have already starting 4 differents adventures for see the conation with all of the perk, before I can't find the trustman bodyguard of the duc and the lady guest in the mansion's mission

But it's because this is not finished isn't it ?

Yes :( unfortunately I had to lock out the mansion quest because I haven’t finished writing the mission yet D; but I’m so happy to hear you got that far :) it’s going to be an intense mission :) 

I will look for your working

Very good game, I loved playing this alpha.

Did you think to add one page in the statut to see the perk and their information?

also major thanks to everyone who voted RSO to 15th place out of 330! Super stoked to get so far in my first venture in indie game making! Stay tuned folks!


It was awesome,hope for part 2 will release nest spring,It was fun and really inmersive but a bit short and I felt a bit weird when they just skipped 11 months,now will those become playable after the game is finished or it will always be like that and it will contrinue where we left of.Loved it 9/10


There’s content between that time skip that’s focused on just bonding with your classmates which is totally skippable I just didn’t include it because I had to refocus my efforts on fixing a bug and I just didn’t have time :) the game def will be improved upon by next spring so stay tuned! Thanks for the love!

It was so fun to finish the game... though i'm sad cause now i have to wait for part two


I loved your game so much i am waiting for next Friday to come again so i can finish playing it before i die of excitement! SHARING THE LOVE <3

So happy you enjoyed yourself <3

Enjoy the crash free version ^- ^

Hope everything goes well for you from here on out.

Best of luck for your Game.


thank you so much again <3