New Version Updates

Hello! Sorry for the long wait. I added a ton of new stuff for the game that many have requested as well as fixed some bugs.
This most recent upload (Alpha 1) is not going to feature the Manor mission for those who have completed the old demo as I have been working on a new approach to that quest (think Point & Click Detective Mystery games)

So i know it's been a long time since I posted new updates and I'm certain a ton of you expected some story updates but alas, this is me mostly playing clean up on the current plot and adding depth to all the characters

Here are all the updates I've done to the game (That I can think of):

Approval System - Now you can see how much a companion likes you.
DEUTRAGONIST APPROVAL SYSTEM - Now you can see how the other player character's companions like them!
New Menu Music
Compass updates
Quest Log

Visual Novel style menu (You can access the menu during dialogue to save)
3 New Perks - Mystic, Spiritualist, Deceitful
New combat system
6 combat classes for the player
Gifts for companions 
New busts for everyone
Updated/Re written most of the dialogue
Companion Quests

Side Quests!

COMING SOON ----------

Detective Quests - I've been working on some point & click stuff so once I get it figured out, expect a ton of detective gameplay!

ACT 3 - It's basically finished but with all the big plot twists and key stuff I'm working on, I wanna get this right

Irresistible Perk - The current version of the Irresistible perk only increases companion approval ratings. The new perk will activate 18+ scenes for those who want to be a bit more risque with their game.

Anyway! I'm glad to be back with an update! I hope everyone likes it <3 Please feel free to leave suggestions and bug reports in the comments section 

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the game is amazing and i can't wait until the next update

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Probably my favourite vn jrpg, I look forward to when this game is finished!

Just looked at the world map in the new demo, and let me just say this game is gonna be HUGE when it's finished! Quick question though, I noticed the map only contained the Kingdom of Midgard. Without spoiling anything, will this game feature Antilla and the Elven Kingdom as explorable locales? And are they smaller or larger than Midgard? Anyway keep up the good work, I frikkin' love this game! Working through the new demo now.

so happy to see that your still working on it and haven't left us in the dust!! this is till such a cool game and I really do wish I had the skill to help you out with this all.
Stay safe and healthy!

this game is really good, and i'll be honest, i thought the game was dead, i just played the new v. and the only think i didn't like about it, was the fact that i couldn't see any of the perks i had (at least i don't think i can see them)

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One of my favorite games. keep up the good work

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I honestly enjoyed the old demo quite a lot. Just take your time and shape the game up to how you see fit. It's better to wait for a good game rather than a rushed one.

I'm honestly looking forward to the finished game! Thanks again for all your hard work!

I love this game

thank you so much!!! 😭

Sorry if i ask you, but i'm curious: in the future, do you want to release this game on Steam?

yes although because of the scope i'm trying to achieve with the game, it might take a while before i'm comfortable enough with uploading the build on steam. regardless i might ship it to steam early if i am able to close all the romance options and ship it more as a dating sim romance vn

Well, thank you for the response and let me say that i believe in you and in this project, so please, don't stop

What a bloody right timing you did there for me mate (XoX). Oh well, let's see what we have in here!

I hope you like it! Thanks for the support!!!

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I am just relieved that you are still alive and well ,and thank your for the hard work, mate.

Edit: Love the VLDL reference btw

the game started out as a tribute to Epic NPC man originally 😆

It's nice to see that you're still alive! This game is low key one of my favorite RPGs on itch and I do support these new changes since it enhances the experience a lot more.

10/10, CZ-Delta approves

❀❀❀ Welcome back!! ❀❀❀

Glad to see that you're still in good health! (。●́‿●̀。)

I'm kind of curious if someone may end up making your game into an anime show! Would be a dream come true!!! I'd totally would watch it. Even the art makes me feel like it may happen!(●´∀`)ノ♡

I've been constantly replaying and rolling all over the place hearing about the new ideas that could come to play! Its great that you're still committed to push for even greater heights of this gem!!! ☆彡☆彡☆彡

Hope that you stay in good health and stay safe too! Your health is more important! \(^_^)/


thank you so much! it melts my heart to see this comment i very much appreciate the support! I will be working on it hard in order to give everyone the best experience possible! Much love! thank you!


Glad to see that you're still at it.

thanks! sorry for being gone for so long!