Finally working on the story again! Also discord channel!

just a quick announcement:

I’ve finally started working on the story again! C: it’s been awhile since I’ve been polishing everything up but now I’m back on the saddle baybayyyyyy

Also we have a discord channel! Feel free to join to give feedback or vent about how slow my progress is :(

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Hey, you're not slow haha!

By the way, I was a bit busy this week, and the heat kills me, but I'll be able to work on the designs on tuesday!

Stay hydrated!!

Yeah, I do my best. I'm sensitive to the heat, so unfortunately even hydrated I always feel awful with high temperatures, but oh well, it'll go down a bit starting today

The artist for the CG Art is German so she’s feeling it too xD I’m so sorry everyone! Hang in there!

You call this slow progress! This is some fast progress! I think the ideas are flowing through you like an ancient master that has become one with the world! No need to be modest! Your are the master of your work and we are willing to root for you no matter how long it takes so take your time and be the best you can be! >w<)7

Also congrats on making a Discord too!! More people and more chats with the devs behind the scenes! Woohoo~!!! \(>w<)/


Thank you so much!!!

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Feel free to join to give feedback or vent about how slow my progress is :( 

Awww, don't be so hard on yourself. The most important thing is that you got back up to work and in the good health! I'm always prepared to wait as long as needed to be happy or disappointed with my Lily x Male Sam pairing depending on how you will write them! XD

Oh, you have a Discord channel? I'm new to Discord and I have no idea how it works...

Anyway, while I'm here I think I should write something important I guess. I was busy lately and didn't finish the current demo yet, but there is a few things I would still like to point out if I can.

Bags(?): So far, I encounter one bag that after Tyran's and Myrana's scene the guy that was bloking the enter to Kid's quest will ill mom is now walking around the town and we can visit the kid now before the quest. I'm not sure if this is how it supposed to be, so I'm just saying it for now.

Other: Also, it seems that dialogue with Princess Hawk (that I was talking about in my previous comment)was not added, unfortunately. I know I'm not the write of the game and you don't need to do as written in my comments, only you know what is best for you game. So I'm not upset if you wonder. *Snif* *Snif*

P.S - I didn't reach the goblin cave mission yet, so yeah. Nothing to say about it yet.

Minor things: I was forgot to mention in my previous comment about "gender neutral"(who is appears to be biologically female) protagonist is how are going to change some gender important scene like bath. So I'm curious.

I like the new perk system! As a man that prefers to play on easy mode, it's definitely for me! Although some people that looking for harcore may not like it, maybe you can add some "hard" difficulty at the start of the game that can reduce how many perks player can get in the game (Just don't forget to give players like me a choice, to choose a easy mode okay)?

One last thing for now. The moment when Sam's sister is gone and Kuro join Sam's party I would like when we came to graveyard to his family's tombstone the dialogue window would change to something compare to when Sam visit Kuro family's tombstone alone. For example when Sam is alone he say: Sam: "They give Kur family's a tombstone." or something like that I don't remember, but with Kuro it may be: Sam:"...", Kuro: "...." making this uncomfortable topic for both our main characters to talk right now and can be bright back in the future acts/acrs.

I personaly have no idea what happend to Kuro's family but I am eager to know!

I'm curious as well about the character's backstory and each different connect that it brings to how they ended up all becoming apart of the vanguard and how each of them made it to becoming part of the S-class vanguard. I feel like they have a hidden secret that they have just like our protagonist but what has driven them. How did they meet the qualifications to becoming S class and what would be the requirements. Maybe some strings behind the scene were pulled and maybe they are being watched closely by this hidden group and set this group together knowing there must be a connection to each character. The protagonist sister is not being considered s class known to most people but more hidden as the fox... hmm could she have played a part and the past makes it even more confusing for the fact that she could be working for the other side and the protagonist was unknowingly part of the other side but grew up thinking of being a non-antillian sort of simliar to icarus. Strange enough we know where most of the character came from or originated but its suspicious that the protagonist has not been given a specific place they came from.Could it be that the protagonist be a child that was swapped with the princess between the two countries and serrani took the protagonist from antillian since they were orignally the king's daugther? King William could be the sibiling(or father) of princess lily or maybe that might be my odd thinking because of the hair color. Also the "Black wing" sounds kind of like code for someone we have yet to meet but oddly enough it might be someone that may have been mentioned already but that might just be some guessing from my part.