Isekai mode, carpal tunnel, Delays and restarting

Hey folks I’ve run afoul the dreaded carpal tunnel so I’m going on a week break to heal up my wrist 😭😭

Also I’m thinking of scrapping the current build in favor of rebuilding the plot from scratch. Won’t take awhile but I have been totting with the idea of unique backgrounds that will affect gameplay more (like studious, bloodthirsty, etc) they’ll function like perks but will affect non controlled dialogue and basically just add more input from other characters.

Starting over also let’s me implement isekai mode where the player character enters an entirely new prologue and theybapproach the game world like an outsider coming in from the real world! Totally optional but will add a new depth to the game!

So I guess act 3 will be delayed a bit more 😭😭😭 I’m so sorry everyone!!!


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Nov 25, 2018

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I really don't feel that there must be a need to rewrite everything from scratch just add more and more details that make the story deeper. I like how it is now, you should just change the core missions that will unfold the story, especially the Speaking of characters. Speaking of characters I love them all, and they are well crafted and do not require repairs beyond just more development, and the idea of choosing the gender and personality of the protagonist is great, please keep it.

Summing up :
  I think always the only thing to improve on is details and more details, from my own experience redoing and redoing a story is more tiring and sometimes we just need to polish the ideas we have already presented. And this is my advice anyway I will wait patiently for The end result, oh and I hope you get better, your wellbeing comes first!and sorry for my bad english...

Thank you so much! It means a lot to read all that. I’m basically gonna keep most of the ideas I have and present them better and fix up a lot of dialogue. My biggest issue is also game balancing and I hope I can fix it by next update. I’m so terribly sorry for the delays everyone

I understand your pain (Middle and High School with high usage of pen-and-paper homework and note-taking. Second year in Middle School our math teacher made us basically copy the whole textbook, and my wrist remember).

Isekai? Uh, intersting! 

A little suggestion: could it be possible to add bickering between the Isekai MC and the Narrator, a-la Cthulhu Saves The World? For the combined lulz of us player, of course...

I do love that game and that’s a good idea! Lot of work but then again I live to entertain! Stay tuned.😉😉😉


Dam, that socks. Sorry about your wrist man, take your time time to recover, I want my experience with this game to be 100% a quality content when I will finally get my Male Sam x Princess Lily together(If they are both will still exist after rewriting entire plot).😤

I don't mind rewriting entire plot so far into an Isekai, as not so much has been revealed yet. Also I kind of like Isekai genre it's a simple concept but it works for me and kind like it, bonus for since there is a lot of them(Even though Isekai has its storm of problems).

I'm both glad and sad at the same time as being Isekai'd from another world dumbs my theory about Sam and Lily being siblings or relatives, but I guess it's for the best as it would be awkward to push Male Sam x Lily while them being blood bounded, even if it's a medieval fantasy. xD

P.S - I'm sorry for not putting much activity into the game's development storywise, I was thinking about story arc for Kuro's family immigration arc but I was so busy lately with my life(finding a work, as good work class boy I am ;) I didn't even have time to write my thoughts. ;(

I decide to continue studying in college anyway for increasing my chances. So I guess I'm going to be even more busy now...

P.S.S - If you confidently decided to make Isekai prologue/mode or rewrite story completely with Isekai genre. I vote for this game to have two main characters Sam(Preferably, Male) and Lily as our male and female lead from the start of the prologue.

How does I see it you may ask? Well, we may want to cut the current prologue in the current build and use it as flashback for plot purposes. The new prologue of "Rising Saga: Origins Isekai Edition" on the other hand will start with even of Princess Lily slaying the dragon. Kind of just, throwing the player into this games world without a story background and straight into the action, you know what I mean?

At the same time establishing Lily as "Main Female Character" while in reality she is ONE of the main characters, basically we using her as a "Decoy Protagonist" trope, and here we a tutorial on how to fight. Everything goes as we have already have in this build, Lily kicks dragon's ass, she has some purple goo possessing her, she OP(Players presume it's HER powers). This way establishing how powerful Lily is, Players will feel Mary Sue's smell from her, and you can subvert it in the next scene.

Next scene involves Lily's interruption into her Father's meeting, here we give Players some world building and political state of the world, as well as relationships Lily has with her family making her "decoy protagonist" status evene stronger, the event goes as we have right now, with a little change being that after the battle with "The Fox" Lily lost her powers somehow, I don't how yet, maybe Fox will somehow suppress Lily's powers with some kind of seal. Or maybe the purple goo stopped giving Lily their powers in order to save them and now she have to learn how to use her own magic, on her own.

Anyway, the event goes as we have right now. Goo trash talk Lily's father, Lily escaped and now wanted, and Prince and Princessare are now in political war. But after that scene, we cut to black screen asking us to "choose our gender" and we are in our modern earth(Sam in his modern clothes), I didn't think through right now what to show in Sam introduction scene but there is should be a choice that will affect Sam's class. At some point he was Isekai'd into maybe a cave with his summoner being Lily using forbidden/dark magic to summon a powerful Hero/Warrior(Who Sam is not, but eventually become) and to form a contract with him for her plans. What plans? I don't know myself yet. xD

At this point the game starts with now our both main characters, personally I would like to have "Cheerful Boy Warrior and Gloomy Girl Mage" dynamic between them, while the game and plot progressing they become closer to each other,maybe their personalities will change as the game progresses something of mix between there "cheerful and gloomy" dynamic that will help them to become a better people?

And that's should be avout it. It's 0:27 AM in m clocks, I'm going to bed. Have a good day "JaBud Games"! ;)


I looooove it! Thank you so much for the feedback!!!


Ehh, I don't mind you dismissed it or call it cliche, since it certainly feels that way. Take care of yourself. ;)


Aww it's ok. No need to be sad! Take all the time you need especially if your in pain! We can be patient!:D

Thank you! I’m healed up now! Just waiting on some things especially since I accidentally broke my laptop screen yesterday 😅😅😅 good thing I have back ups everywhere

That's good just make sure to be careful and take care of yourself though. Your health is more important than having to add pressure upon you mentally and physically. ☆彡\(^w^)/ミ☆