Health problems

I’m struggling with a lot of memory loss issues both short term and long term as well as health issues that stem

From my previous job. As much as I’d love to finish Rising Saga, it’s future is starting to become bleak because of my health.

I will be doing what I can but the progress of the game  development might be slow. I sincerely hope that I can

Release a final version by summer of 2019 as the deadline date but as it stands, my own health is my worst enemy.

Aside from this terrible news...I’m going to be finished with Act 2 shortly. 

Please don’t think of this as an end to the project but rather the developer making this game on hard difficulty Ironman mode

With no saves allowed. Wish me luck!


Jan 19, 2019

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That's really sad news, in terms of health, and I hope you can have a smooth recovery.

Thank you! :) definitely will push through and finish this game.