Tons of stuff!

Alright! I was gone for almost a month but here's a new update for Rising Saga: Origins!

First let's start with the bad:

1) I ran into a bug that shuts down the game randomly after playing some time. Sometimes its there, sometimes it's not. I'm working on
fixing it and getting it taken care of! ^_^

2) This update doesn't have any story content T_T i'm still working on Act 3. While ACT 2 focused on the school life/dating aspect of the game, ACT 3 is more main plot centered. It will also take place in 2 HUGE cities. it will be the longest ACT of the game so it's gonna take awhile.

Now the good:

1) My favorite update is the Updated Emily! She is now fully romanceable and while her romance path is at its fledgling state in ACT 2, She's now 100% a full romance path moving forward. I also updated her character as she was too much like Erika. Emily will now be more of a Tsundere and she's got her own VOICE ACTOR AND BUST! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAS BAYBAY!

2) Myrana  and Erika bust upgrade.

3) More balanced classes. Mage buff.

4) COMBAT PERKS!!!! While the previous game version had introduced the perk system, it was mostly for story telling purposes. Now I've added 10 new combat perks with 3 being class exclusive. They don't do much on their own but they stack! I'm adding a perk book as well that allows the player to learn perks after completing certain sidequests!

5) MAP>Overworld! I have decided to eliminate the Overworld in favor of a map fast travel. There's a super awesome map that details the beautiful kingdom of Midgard when you go to fast travel between areas! 

6) AutoSAVE!!!!! The game now auto saves everytime you enter an area and every time you access the fast travel map! This is mostly to combat the random shutdown bug but it's so useful! Enjoy guys!

7) Updated Battle UI and Menus. The menus and battle UI now display the busts of the characters! 

8) Fallen Angel Olivia plugins - I've added a Compass that lets you track your current main mission as well as any sidequests you might be doing. There's also the suuuuuuuuuper awesome bright effects!

9) MUSIC GALLERY. I've added a music gallery that lets u listen to the awesome soundtrack of the game. While atm, it's still at 14 songs, I'm adding songs in the final release ^_^

10) Message Back log - Per Kunoi's suggestion (THANK U) i have implemented a message Back Log that lets you open a backlog and review dialogue.

11) Windowed mode - the game starts in windowed mode now but can be fullscreened with F5.

12) Voice acting added for Katelyn and Kyrios! Now you can hear Kyrios channel his inner Joffrey/Viserys in HQ audio. Credits to Joe Goffeny and Kim Reiko for the amazing voice overs!

13) Subtle battle effects added. I'm working on making extremely unique animations and action sequences. ^_^

14) Art for the Stella and Tyran romance paths checkpoint ^_^ (Cover photo)



Rising Saga Origins v0.86 (might be bugged) 840 MB
Apr 15, 2019

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Wow, even if there is not any story progression, you still added a TON of stuff. I guess it's enough for me to replay heh.

EDIT: eh, for some reason it seems I'm unable to start the game with the update. Looks like it's searching for the autosave directory and can't find it so it won't start. It says:


Error: ENOENT: no such file or directory, open 'H:\Games\Demos\Rising Saga Origins\www\save\file4.rpgsave' "

That is my directory, sure, but yeah, the previous version had whole folders full of stuff, and this one has only the exe file. I think that's the issue. If I copy paste the right folders it launches correctly though. 

But there's another issue too - the busts appear squished down (like, shorter and pudgier) - like there was a problem with the compression of images or something - looks like old format games stretched to our modern panoramic screens. Portraits in the textbox look fine though.

Hope that helps - I think I'll wait for the image bug to be fixed - that kind of stuff bothers me a lot XD

The risks of Encryption. T_T I'll reupload asap ^_^

Updated ^_^

Ah, thanks for telling me! 

Though I don't know if I'll be playing tonight with the stuff that's happening in Paris today. I live slighly outside of town so I don't see it from my windows but well, I'm following it live on TV. 

Oh no :( no problem at all. It is such a shame what is happening. I grew up catholic and I love cathedrals and their structure. Shame so much history and art and valuable artificers are getting lost :((

I'm not catholic, but I do respect all religions and I always loved all temples, churches and cathedrals. And this one is one of the most beautiful I've seen. And I mean, my workplace isn't even far from there - it will be so depressing tomorrow...

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Wow I've tried playing tonight but it's still glitching out as hell for me. Busts are spazzing on screen and still squished, CGs are so zoomed in I see only a small part, and the first map is on the far right - so far I can't even see the entire room. 

EDIT: here, I did some screencaps of the beginning. Can't catch the spazzing cause it's too fast -

D: this might be because I have changed the game into windowed mode. have you tried to play it in fullscreen? Next update will have tons of stuff story wise and i'll make sure i wont stop til the client is playable for you with 0 errors ^_^

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I restarted the game after updating it and played a bit of it before saving and turning it off, but once I came back on the save file was gone :(

Edit - Nvm It's working now. Sorry about that and love the changes that have been made! :D