June Update! New stuff. Non-binary protagonist.

Hey everyone! Not a lot of story content but the good news is I have finally finished every story branch and the multiple endings in writing, just gotta event them now!

There's really exciting news for you Tyran fans :P

There's a couple of gameplay updates as well. The ability to steal from houses is now live and it will affect your karma level (which has dire consequences/rewards later in the game) Stealing stuff from houses will also open up a Thieves' Guild questline in ACT 3. 

I added a bounty mission which will reward the player with Unique armor. The more you do, the better your  rewards are. There will hopefully be atleast 10 bounty missions and the dungeons will get harder and harder each time.

The story will also start getting darker and more mature from here on out so I'm gonna start including a disclaimer in the beginning of the game to let players know about the mature themes that can potentially trigger some people. 

The Turtula Manor mission has been revamped to be more HORROR! Also there's now art involved for the Quest. 

The Non-binary protagonist can romance everyone except for Icarus. 

2 new romance options will be introduced in the next update; Maic the Thief and Roj the Kobold Revolutionary. Stay tuned (;

Perhaps the biggest update (its in the game but I blocked it out) Is the ISEKAI mode which makes the protagonist be magically

transported to another land. This is a difficult implementation and I'm kinda hoping to just do it as a NewGame+ thing. Let me know what you guys think!


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Jun 15, 2019

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Tyran is best character. I will never change my mind

<3 more to come! Stay tuned :P

Wow, the isekai thing defitinely sounds interesting and I'm very curious about it. But yeah, that's more of a new game + thing!

I guess I know what I'll be doing this evening haha! Replaying the game with every single built is fun - I like to see the differences.

Aah, but I want the full version sooo badly!

I can guarantee you that the next update probably is the finish game story wise minus the CG art. 

Also the overwhelming support of Tyran has finally convinced me to make him more a central character in the story ^_^ 

Enjoy! Sorry there’s no new story content D;

Hey, don't worry about no new story content - while I can't wait for it, the rest of the content is great too! And I'm sooo happy about Tyran! He's such a great character!

On another note, I got my working computer and tablet back, so as I've mentionned before, if you ever need some art, like monsters, additionnal portraits or whatever, you can just ask - I can do it in optimal conditions now!

I would love to! I’m setting up a Picture gallery per your suggestion and all fanart and art anyone makes will be there!!

Oh yeah, I forgot, but I actually had a question for you!

You said before that we're able to flirt with anyone and even pursue various romances till late in the game, and then at some point we'll have to choose. That much is clear. But I was wondering if mere flirting would change some dialogues? Like, you pursue mainly one romance, but flirt with some other characters without it going too far. Will stuff like that be reflected on the dialogues with the romanced character? I don't know if I'm making myself clear so I came up with a hypothetical situation for it.

That much is true, I choose to romance only Tyran in my playthrough. But now, imagine I let Sam flirt with some other characters, let's say Kuro and Roj (doesn't matter if Kuro isn't a romance option since you still can try to flirt). At some point, a conversation may come up with Tyran where he wonders if Sam is really in love with him since the only other people he seems to have any interest in are "regular" boys. Or, the opposite, if I make Sam flirt with a couple of girls only, Tyran may wonder if Sam REALLY does see him as a man despite everything he says, since he otherwise seems to like girls. 

Of course, those are just sample scenarios, but I was wondering if you were planning things like that for the game? I think it would be cool but it isn't THAT necessary either. And well, obviously it could apply in different ways for different characters - I only set Tyran as example since I'm the most familiar with him at this point.

Yes :D actually i have it set up where if you decide to exclusively romance only one character, some of the other romance options might end up together (so ship away!!) 

And i really like those ideas! I probably should do something like that for him.